The Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Catalog

The Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Catalog

sw5-200-300This catalog presents high quality photographs of all Star Wars LEGO Minifigures. The  735+ Minifigures are organized by an innovative nomenclature that makes it easy to identify Minifigures. Moreover, the catalog contains a price guide and detailed photographs of the Minifigures’ heads. This catalog is the essential guide for all Star Wars Minifigure collectors and enthusiasts.

The fith edition of this book contains all the 2015 minifigures and also many corrections and additions for the previous minifigures. The book contains a new name index and QR codes. This is the most complete LEGO Star Wars Minifigure guide.

The book is available for purchase at CreateSpace and at and as an eBook from Lulu.



Complete listing

On its more than 209 pages , the catalog list more than 735 Minifigure released in 1999-2015. It is the most complete listing and therefore an essential guide for collectors and fans.

Professional photographs

The Minifigures are shown in the full glory of high resolution professional photographs. They are depicted in a scale of nearly 1:1, making it possible to fully appreciate their amazing designs. Some Minifigures are also shown with a photograph from the back.

Extensive Metadata

Each Minifigure is listed with a full set of meta data, such as the year in which the Minifigure was released, the number of pieces it consists of, in which sets it is available and which head it uses.

Valuable indices

The catalog features a Bricklink code index, which makes it easy to find Minifigures.

Photographs of heads

The book lists all the heads and their associated Minifigures. It features high resolution professional photographs of the heads. Every detail of their design is visible, even the backsides of the heads for dual print heads.

Theme taxonomy

The catalog uses a new taxonomy of LEGO® themes, making it easy to find Minifigures. It introduces new high level themes to categorize the wealth of themes and it bundles closely related sub themes. This clearly structured set of categories provide a unique and easy to understand overview of LEGO® themes.


The new taxonomy is the base for a new naming system for Minifigures. It uses short codes from the themes, the year and a serial number to name each Minifigure. This naming system systems makes it possible to easily find and categorize Minfigure and it is capable to deal with the quickly increasing number of Minifigures released every year.

Sample Pages

Please have a look at some sample pages below.

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