Discount and new version

We released a minor update to 1.2.1 and to celebrate our latest developments we decided to put the app on sale for a couple of days. It is now only 0.99 USD.

5 thoughts on “Discount and new version”

  1. Hi Christoph,

    do you have a time plan for the collection update via android? Actually, i can read “Coming Soon”.


  2. I get the idea of in-app purchases for new years. But isn’t it better to have people buy the 2012 collection update at the beginning of 2012 so they can regularly get updates of the 2012 minifigs?

    Now my app catalogue is already 6 months out of date. That’s not what I’m expecting from an app-catalogue.

    1. Yes, it would be great to have the minifigures in the app as soon as they come out. But we are simply short on manpower. We are not a multi million dollar company :-)

      1. bartneck, I totally understand. Can I lend my expertise, sizeable minifig-collection or my time to your project?

        With some practice, I might be able to photograph a few missing minifigs in your quality standards.

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