Contributions to the catalog

Several fans have offered their help with completing and maintaining the catalog. I am very grateful for this support. Below you find a list of the missing Minifigure. I will update the list, so that we avoid duplicating effort. Right now I intend to complete the Minifigure in the catalog. The required photos for 2011 will be posted later.

You can either photograph them yourself or send me the Minifigure. I will then photograph it and send it back. You can email the photographs to I will review the photographs and then decide if the photograph is of a sufficient quality for the catalog. Please feel free to also send me some trial photographs before getting busy on a larger batch. I can also offer you an server to which you can upload larger quantities of photographs.

Your contribution will be acknowledged in the next version of the catalog. You would also have to grant me unrestricted usage of the photographs, so that they can be included.

In case you would like to help me by sending me the missing Minifigures, then please email me for my shipping address.

Please send me a quick email before sending the Minifigure, so that I check the box more frequently. Once I completed the photograph, I will return the Minifigure post haste, so please include your own address!

Instruction on how to take photographs for the catalog

The following photos need to be taken:

  1. Front (visor up)
  2. Back
  3. Naked front shot (all accessories need to be off so that a possible print on the torso becomes visible and so that the face is fully visible)
  4. Naked back shot (all accessories need to be off so that a possible print on the back torso becomes visible and so that a possible print on the back of the head is fully visible)
  5. Side shot (this is an optional shot in case the Minifigure has a print on the arms or on the side of a leg. Also very organic figures benefit from side shots.)

Please consider these guidelines for the photos:

  • In case a Minifigure has a substantial area of white, such as arms, torso or legs, then the Minifigure should be photographed on a white background and a grey background. Otherwise the Minifigure should be photographed on a white background.
  • The camera should be positioned at the height of the Minifigure. It should not be possible to look on top of the shoulders. The shoulders should be a flat line.
  • The place on which the Minifigure is standing must be white, ideally a 1×2 brick.
  • It is ideal to use a light box or large soft boxes to achieve large light reflections on the Minifigure. The Minifigure should be fairly evenly illuminated. Ideal is to have one light from left, right and top.
  • You should adjust the white balance of your camera on the basis of the empty white background.

Below are the minimum dimensions of the photograph. If you do not feel comfortable with Photoshop, then you can also send me your raw photographs and I will edit them to match the specifications.

Here is an example of a full quality photograph (click to see full resolution):

List of missing photographs:

I have created a list of missing Minifigures that I keep in a Google Spreadsheet.

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