The catalogs presents high quality photographs of LEGO® Minifigures together with extensive meta data. The catalogs also include a price guide that helps you to identify the true treasures in your collection. The Minifigs are organized by an innovative nomenclature that makes it easy to identify Minifigures. Indexes make it even easier to find Minifigures, the sets in which they appeared and what heads belong to which Minifig. The catalogs are the essential guide for all Minifigure collectors and enthusiasts.

The currently available catalogs are:

the-ideal-order-200-300 The paper book is available directly from:

The eBook (ePub) is available on:

The Ideal Order on Kindle

All 2014 Minifigures, 192 pages
cover-2013-single-200-300-black-frame All 2013 Minifigures, 176 pages
cover 2012 single 2nd 200x300 All 2012 Minifigures, Second Edition, 170 pages
cover-2011-sub-set-single0-200-300 All 2011 Minifigures, Second Edition, 146 pages
cover-2010-bleed-single-01-300 1975-2010 Minifigures, Second Edition, 362 pages
cover-sw-single-200-300 All Star Wars Minifigures, Third Edition, 161 pages
All Harry Potter Minifigures, 46 pages
The Complete LEGO Figure Catalog All non-standard scale figures, 110 pages



9 Responses to Book

  1. Hi Christoph, great to see some new editions come out which I’ve just received from Amazon. Things are going great and I now have nearly 4000 followers on my Facebook page :-)

    I wondered if you have an affiliate programme I could hook into so I can promote your books and earn something to help towards funding my collection;-)

    If not I’ll try and get an Amazon affiliation setup and hook in that way… Just thought I’d ask direct and see if you had one in place:-)

    How did your thesis on Lego heads work out?

    Cheers for now

    David Kirkham

  2. Stefan K says:

    I wanted to ask if there will be a second edition of your book “The Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog”. Because I had a look in your newer Book “The 2011 LEGO Minifigure Catalog” and there the minifigs are very well presented. So maybe you will try with your previous book as well!
    Another Question, will there be for every year an extra book like the one from minifigs of 2011?


    • bartneck says:

      Yes, there will be a 2012 book and yes, I am working on a second edition of all the books to maintain the current content. But I am not certain when they will be ready. Might still take some time…

  3. Jeff Richling says:

    Can you help me with the location of head ‘3626ap01 – Minifig, Head Standard Grin Pattern – Stud Solid’. Note that this solid stud, not recessed or hollow. Brick-link has it released in 3 sets during 1991. Each set seems to have a few minifigures. I cannot link the head to figures in the unofficial app. Any help getting these heads to the correct figures is appreciated.


  4. Evan Jones says:

    Tremendous app guys, it must have been a huge amount of work, putting it together… I am just wondering when we can expect the 2014, and hopefully 2015 listings, to be added. The app is great, but it is looking a bit out of date at present and the up to date listings would be very useful.
    Cheers, Evan

  5. Stefan K says:

    Hi, is there a reason why I can’t find the non standard scale figs catalog as an ebook? Thanks!

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