The Unofficial LEGO Color Guide

The colors of LEGO bricks cover a wide spectrum and allow builders to carefully design amazing models. Besides the currently colors in production, the LEGO company released more than 180 different colors over the years. This book is the definite LEGO color guide and includes accurate photographs for each brick color. Moreover, it provides precise color definitions that are based on actual colorimetric measurements. Each color is compared to its nearest matches, making it easy to distinguish similar colors. The book bridges the different naming and identification systems of the LEGO company and Bricklink. This book is the ultimate resource for the color conscious LEGO builder.

The book is available as a paperback and hardcover from An eBook (PDF) is available from Lulu. A poster showing all the photographs and color names is available from Society 6.

Sample Pages

Here are some sample pages that show you the main section of the book.

Available versions

The paper books, hardcover and paperback, are available directly from:

The eBook (PDF) is available on:


A poster with all the photos is also available from Society6:The Unofficial LEGO Color Poster