Help for the 2016 Minifigures needed

The LEGO company released the record breaking number of 859 Minifigures in the year 2016. We are truly struggling with photographing this incredible number of figures. The main problem is to get access. The LEGO company initially agreed to give me access, but pulled back their support.

I need your help to continue the Minifigure Catalog project! Are any of you willing to allow me to photograph your collection? I could potentially visit you, or you could lend them to me for a week. I would be more than happy to pay for the shipping and I would also agree to making a deposit.

Without your help the catalog series will have to stop and no further books or updates to our App will become available. Both, Nic and I, are putting a lot of love and labor into this project, but the current rate at which the LEGO company produces new Minifigures, we are not able to financially justify the project.

Please, get in touch with me via email ( or personal message if you are able to help.