Review of the Brick Rack

Gary Doss has developed the Brick Rack and was kind enough to send me a sample to review since I do have one or two Minifigures to store. The first thing I noticed is the careful packaging. Gary does a great job in making sure that your Brick Rack arrives in mint condition, even in New Zealand.

The quality of the rack itself is excellent. The rack is of closed-cell, expanded high density plastic and the whole product appears solid and well engineered. I then started to put some bricks into the grooves and this is the key feature of this product. You can slide in many different bricks to not only hold Minifigures, but also to present other MOCs.


The next step was to fill the rack with Minifigures. I decided to put my Batman, Toy Story and Alien Conquest collection on it. This might have been a devious choice, since Zurg and Woody are exceptionally tall figures and the distance between the grooves is not big enough for them. But the figure above does not necessarily need to be just on top. You can slide it easily a bit to the right and the left to make.

I ran out of 2×4 white bricks, otherwise I would have also added my SpongeBob Squarepants collection to the rack. You can really place a lot of Minifigures onto it. The only downside is that the rack does not protect the figures from dust. It is also not possible to stand up the rack on a table. You need to hang it onto a wall. Gary is also offering rack stands made from LEGO that solve this problem, but you might want to build on yourself. Gary is also offering 2×3 and 2×4 white bricks and you might want to order them as well.

Overall I am very happy with the Brick Rack and I recommend getting one. The price does seem fair for this high quality product.  I could potentially create one myself, but I would have a hard time to justify the time, effort and material that it would consume.