Price of all 2012 Minifigures

I just calculated what it would cost me to buy all 504 Minifigures released in 2012: 8361 NZD / 6805 USD. The two main culprits are sh027 (2296 NZD) and sh028 (2299 NZD). And there are still prices missing for 48 Minifigures. I really do not know yet how to tackle 2012. Help!

4 thoughts on “Price of all 2012 Minifigures”

  1. I really appreciate your work and i would be willing to donate some money, but since i already paid for the app and some collections i would really like to be sure that the 2012 collection will be published somewhen…maybe you could also make a collection by using all available pictures of the minifigures
    best regards, Robert

  2. Hi Christoph,

    i think, there are different ways to support the 2012 minifigures list.

    – you can publish a list of missing figures and when someone has a couple of these figures, he/she can send these figures to you to take photos.

    – you can publish a list of missing figures and a list of requirements for shooting and everyone who wants to help, can send you the photos.

    I think, you will receive a lot of support. If i can help you, let me know.


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