Free update for App: Series 6 & 7 plus Team GB

Comodore Guy, nfi.tow.oth.1997.03, CL001

Today we are happy to announce the free update of our Unofficial LEGO Minifigure App. We now include Collectible Series 6 & 7 and the Team GB series. Just in time before the Olympics close! Phew, it was a bit of a race to get it done in time. The update also includes corrections and extensions for the other collections. For example, I was finally able to photograph the Comodore Guy (nfi.tow.oth.1997.03, CL001). We hope that you enjoy these new Minifigures and photographs.

Comodore Guy, nfi.tow.oth.1997.03, CL001
Comodore Guy, nfi.tow.oth.1997.03, CL001


  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Click on Database
  3. Click on check for latest version
  4. Upgrade the database
  5. Enjoy the new Minifigures

12 thoughts on “Free update for App: Series 6 & 7 plus Team GB”

    1. The Android sales have been very low since the beginning and hence we are struggling with justifying the effort. At this point I cannot promise a specific date for the release.

      1. Very sad to hear this.

        I’ve bought the app with the intention, to have an up-to-date collection database of minifigures. :-(


      2. Hi christoph,

        as i understand, the updates contains only data, no application changes. So why it’s so difficult to offer the data also for android?
        May, we can help to offer them also for android.


        1. Dear Markus,
          Thank you for your kind offer. Unfortunately, the update does require changes to the app. First of all, we need to get the in-app purchases going and then we need to implement the database/collection modules. We also made tweaks to the UI. I will have another chat with Nic about this.

  1. I really hope you don’t drop support for the Android App! Are you advertising about your app? I only came across it when I came across your books. Maybe you can ask some LEGO blog / forum sites to review your app.

    1. Dear Robert,

      Dealing with LEGO directly remains difficult. If you have any chance to talk abotu the app or to promote it then we would be very grateful.

      Thank you,

      1. I meant community sites like The Brothers Brick or Eurobricks, where I’ve see reviews of LEGO sets but haven’t seen one of your app or books. I did see a forum post from last year by you announcing the app and did put some good words about it.

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