The Complete LEGO Figure Catalog is now available

The Complete LEGO Figure CatalogI am proud to announce that the Complete LEGO Figure Catalog is now available. This catalog presents high quality photographs of all LEGO non standard scale Figures released between 1970s and 2011. The 1200 plus Figures are organized by an innovative nomenclature that makes it easy to identify Figures, such as Duplo, Belville or Fabuland. The catalog contains a price guide that indicates the rarity of the Figure. This catalog is the essential guide for all Figure collectors and enthusiasts. The book is available for purchase at CreateSpace and at You can also download the catalog as an eBook from Lulu.

Proof prints for the non standard scale figures arrived

The proof prints for the next book release entitled “The complete LEGO Figure Catalog” arrived today. The photos look good and it should become available soon. I wonder how these more exotic figures will be appreciated by the community. I guess that much less AFOLs collect DUPLO or Fabuland. Well, lets see how this works out.