Contributions to the catalog

Several fans have offered their help with completing and maintaining the catalog. I am very grateful for this support. Below you find a list of the missing Minifigure. I will update the list, so that we avoid duplicating effort. Right now I intend to complete the Minifigure in the catalog. The required photos for 2011 will be posted later.

You can either photograph them yourself or send me the Minifigure. I will then photograph it and send it back. You can email the photographs to I will review the photographs and then decide if the photograph is of a sufficient quality for the catalog. Please feel free to also send me some trial photographs before getting busy on a larger batch. I can also offer you an server to which you can upload larger quantities of photographs. Continue reading “Contributions to the catalog”

We Won A Bright Ideas Research Grant!

The University of Canterbury has a funding program “Bright Ideas”. It is a fund whose purpose is to help develop an innovative culture which encourages technology based ideas to “escape” from the University into the world at large.  The spirit of “Bright Ideas” funding is to responsively support early stage ideas and help take them to the next stage with a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of bureaucracy.

I am happy to announce that we received a Bright Idea Grant to help us develop the App. Our new goal is to develop a cross platform App. Including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Lets hope we can make it work.

Reseller Wanted

Would you like to become a reseller for the Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog? Do you own a bookshop and would like to sell the book in your shop? Turns out that CreateSpace, my publisher, has got a reseller program the call CreateSpace Direct. Through this you will receive a considerable discount that will enable you to sell the book with a sufficient profit margin. Check out their information and application page.