Second Proof Print Arrived

After making some corrections, the second proof print arrived today. Unfortunately, one type of image was not printed, despite it showing up in the PDF file correctly. After some investigation, I found out that it has a different color space. I am recompiling the book and will send the new PDF back to the printer today. Producing the book turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. Having a good PDF does not always mean that it will print okay.

The second proof print with a missing photo.

5 thoughts on “Second Proof Print Arrived”

  1. As a designer, I know that if only one picture has a different color space, PDF can`t be called good :)
    If you work in InDesign, you have “Preflight” window where you can check if all images are in correct color space.

    1. Dear Milo,
      The book is generated from a database and hence I can only use the preflight check from Acrobat. In previous versions, the printer did not have an issue with this. It remains a bit of a mystery.

  2. Hello,

    First, I think this is a GREAT idea to do that kind of book!

    And do you think it will be “on schedule” for July 2011 (On

    1. It will take one more week for the next proof print to come through and after that it is in Amazon’s hand. I have no experience how long it takes for a book to show up, but I hope that it will not take too long. So yes, I think we are on schedule.

  3. Very interesting and well-done book : this is a very amazing idea from you !!! I hope it will be available to buy quickly… But what will the price be ?


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