Read the catalog on an iPad

The amazing palais has figured out a way to display the eBook on an iPad. Here are the instructions:

  • First download Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) to your local computer.
  • Now create an Adobe Account on the Adobe website. You can sign in at pretty much any of their pages. Look for the “sign in” at the top right.

  • Authorize your local copy of ADE using your account details. Got to Library -> Authorize Computer…

  • Now download the Bluefire Reader for iPad from the App store.
  • Also authorise Bluefire with your Adobe Account details. You can change the authorization later in the Info tab.
  • Now you can download the eBook from Lulu to your local computer.
  • You need to transfer the eBook onto the iPad now. Open the Apps tab in iTunes when the iPad is connected, and select Bluefire and ‘add’. You will find the actual file in MacintoshHD/Users/”Your user acct”/Documents/Digital Editions/The_Unofficial_LEGO_Minifigure_Catalog.pdf

  • You now need to Sync your iPad with the computer.
  • When you open Bluefire on your iPad will find the eBook in your library and you should be able to read it!




eBook Available

Some readers may prefer to have an electronic version of the book. It allows you to use search, bookmark and annotate content. The electronic distribution also makes the production of the book cheaper and hence the book can be sold at a better price. I created a PDF version of the book and it is now available for ordering from Lulu. Please notice that it is an Adobe Digital Edition PDF file. You need the free Adobe Digital Edition software to read the book on your OS X or Windows computer.

Book Approved

Good news everyone! The third proof print turned out to be just fine and hence I released the book today. You can order the catalog today directly from CreateSpace, a daughter company or, or you may wait for 5-7 days for the book to appear on Amazon. Here is the information I received:

  • CreateSpace eStore – Your title is already available:
  • – Books take 5-7 business days to be listed on Listings are built in stages; some parts of your title’s details may be available before the page is complete.
  • Expanded Distribution Channel – If you’ve chosen the Expanded Distribution Channel for your book, it may take 6-8 weeks for your title to begin populating to the distribution outlets you’ve selected.

The price of the book is 89 USD and you will get 392 pages of Minifigure goodness in full color.