LEGO Minifigure Nomenclature

The nomenclature is based on the three levels of themes and the inclusion of the year. Each theme received a three letter code, listed in the table below, which already includes the codes for even non-standard scale Minifigures. The later resolved the need to distinguish between, for example, the City Minifigures from the Town Minifigures. All the figures in the Town precede the figures from the City theme. The nomenclature for Minifigures used in the book is:

h denotes the high theme level
m denotes the medium theme level
l denotes the low theme level
y denotes the year in which the figure was first released
s denotes a serial number

Theme Code
4 Juniors 4ju
Action Wheelers acw
Adventurers adv
Agents age
Airport air
Alpha Team ate
Aquanauts aqn
Aquaraiders aqr
Aquasharks aqs
Aquazone aqz
Arctic arc
Arctic Technic art
Atlantis atl
Avatar avt
Barraki bar
Basic bas
Basic Set bse
Basketball bab
Batman bat
Belville bel
Bionicle bio
Black Falcons bfa
Black Knights bkn
Blacktron blt
Bob The Builder bob
Castle cas
Chamber of Secrets cos
Christmas chr
Classic Castle clc
Classic Space cls
Clikits cli
Coast Guard cga
Collectible col
Competition com
Construction cot
Cowboys cow
Creator cre
Crusaders cru
Dark Forest daf
Desert des
Dino din
Dino Attack dna
Dino Island dni
Discovery dis
Disney’s Baby Mickey dbm
Disney’s Mickey Mouse dmm
Divers div
Dolls dol
Dora the Explorer dor
Dragon Knights drk
Duplo dup
Exo-Force exf
Exploriens exp
Extreme Team ext
Fabuland fab
Factory fts
Fantasy Era fae
Farm far
Ferrari fer
Fiction fic
Fire fir
FIRST LEGO League fll
Forestmen fom
Freestyle fre
Fright Knights fkn
Futuron fut
Game gam
Gas Station gas
Goblet of Fire gof
Gravity Games gga
Harbor har
Harry Potter hap
Historic his
Hockey hoc
Holiday hol
Homemaker hom
Hospital hos
Hydronauts hyd
Ice Planet 2002 ice
Imperial Armada ima
Imperial Guards img
Imperial Soldiers ims
Indiana Jones inj
Indians ind
Insectoids ins
Island Xtreme Stunts ies
Islanders isl
Jack Stone jst
Jungle jun
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull kcs
Kingdoms kdo
Knights Kingdom kki
Last Crusade lac
Launch Command lco
Legoland lel
Licensed lic
Life On Mars lom
Lion Knights lkn
Little Forest Friends lff
Little Robots lro
M:Tron mtr
Mars Mission mmi
Mission Deep Freeze mdf
Mission Deep Sea mds
Modular Buildings mob
Ninja nij
Non Fiction nfi
Non Standard Scale nss
Order of the Phoenix oph
Orient Expedition oex
Other oth
Paradisa par
Piraka prk
Pirates pir
Playhouse pla
Police pol
Post Office pof
Power Miners pmi
Primo pri
Prince of Persia pop
Princess Castle pca
Prisoner of Azkaban poa
Promotional pro
Quatro qua
Race rac
Racers ras
Raiders of the Lost Ark rla
Res-Q req
RoboForce rfo
Rock Raiders ror
Royal Knights rkn
Scala sca
Sculptures scu
Series 1 Minifigures se1
Series 2 Minifigures se2
Series 3 Minifigures se3
Soccer soc
Sorcerer’s Stone sst
Space spa
Space Police spp
Space Port spo
Speed Racer spr
Spider-Man spi
Spider-Man 1 sm1
Spider-Man 2 sm2
SpongeBob SquarePants sps
Sports spo
Spyrius spy
Star Wars stw
Star Wars Clone Wars cwa
Star Wars Episode 1 ep1
Star Wars Episode 2 ep2
Star Wars Episode 3 ep3
Star Wars Episode 4/5/6 456
Stingrays sra
Studios stu
Technic tec
Temple of Doom tod
Time Cruisers tic
Toa Hordika tho
Toa Inika tin
Toa Mahri tma
Town tow
Toy Story toy
Train tra
UFO ufo
Unitron utr
Universe uni
Vikings vik
Visorak vis
Western wes
Williams F1 wf1
Winnie The Pooh wtp
Wolfpack wol
World City woc
World Racers wra

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