LEGO Minifigure Nomenclature

The nomenclature is based on the three levels of themes and the inclusion of the year. Each theme received a three letter code, listed in the table below, which already includes the codes for even non-standard scale Minifigures. The later resolved the need to distinguish between, for example, the City Minifigures from the Town Minifigures. All the figures in the Town precede the figures from the City theme. The nomenclature for Minifigures used in the book is:

h denotes the high theme level
m denotes the medium theme level
l denotes the low theme level
y denotes the year in which the figure was first released
s denotes a serial number Continue reading “LEGO Minifigure Nomenclature”

LEGO Minifigure Theme Taxonomy

We created a taxonomy of the LEGO themes that is used to classify the Minifigures. In addition we create a Nomenclature to give each figure a unique name.

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